Although 2020 was a year of physical separation, it was also a year of digital connectivity. Many businesses began to take use of everything the internet has to offer, transforming their websites from information repositories to digital experience hubs.

Websites have become more integrated, taking on more responsibilities, providing more experiences, and contributing more to the overall success of an organisation. As a result, improved services, such as managed hosting, are frequently required.Hosting is a less glamorous and more technical aspect of a web presence, and determining which services are ideal for your company, websites, and visitors can be difficult. We’ve answered the most common questions about managed hosting to help you cut through the clutter.

What is the difference between managed hosting and general dedicated hosting services?

Paying rent for linked server space, storage space, and basic network connections is what dedicated hosting is all about. It’s the equivalent of paying rent on an apartment. Space, utilities, and basic access and departure points are all included.

Managed hosting is a service that is supplied by IT specialists and has a number of advantages. While “managed hosting services” may contain a diverse set of services, the majority of them include essentials like hardware and software configuration, security patching, backups, disaster recovery solutions, and server monitoring.Returning to the apartment analogy, managed hosting is akin to adding occupant-specific furnishings, installing a Ring, paying for monitoring services, and purchasing disaster insurance all rolled into one.

The best managed hosting companies will also assist you in designing the optimum server topology and resource allocation. These services will ensure that your websites run smoothly and can handle minor faults and rapid development without affecting the user experience of your visitors.

Why does web hosting require ongoing maintenance?

Because web technology is fluid and always improving, your website will expand and evolve to match the demands of your organisation. This could imply an increase in users, content, integrations, or database size.Websites grow and demand greater capacity over time for most enterprises. Your website may require additional resources such as CPUs, RAM, storage space, bandwidth, or new servers if this occurs. As the capacity of these resources is used up, hosting specialists will need to do maintenance to ensure that the website stays accessible, loads quickly, and gives the user experience that you want.

What is the real risk to security for non-managed hosting?

Let me begin by stating that certain managed hosting providers DO NOT perform security patching, and you must understand who is accountable for the security of your website.

Now, let’s return to the original question. When it comes to unmanaged hosting, there is a significant security risk. Cybercrime is on the rise, with a surge of 11% from 2019 to 2020, and an even larger increase projected in the 2020-2021 evaluations. Insecure hosting settings provide hackers with attractive chances.

If your website is hosted on a server that is missing fixes, it may experience data breaches, outages, or even a complete takeover.

Who needs managed hosting?

Many people, businesses, and organisations had a difficult year in 2020. As a result, many of us are attempting to decrease costs and be as efficient as possible with our investments. Managed hosting may appear to be an unnecessary cost, yet it offers enormous value to those that require it.

We’ve compiled a set of questions based on our experience to assist your team in determining the best fit for your hosting requirements.

Managed hosting services can be extremely beneficial if your website is a critical component of your organization’s operations.

What if you already have cloud hosting?

You can still get managed hosting services from a third-party provider if your organisation is currently hosting on a cloud environment like AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, or Google. A managed hosting option is available from many cloud hosting providers. However, these packages may not suit all of your website’s specific requirements, so you should research around and evaluate possibilities. Not all managed hosting services are created equal.

Because hosting a website is difficult and time-consuming, many businesses rely on managed hosting. Unleashed is well-versed in web hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, and a variety of other services. Unleashed is delighted to help if you still have doubts about which managed hosting service is right for your company.

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