A logo redesign may seem like a daunting task and easy to put off, however making the commitment to breathe new life into something that may have worked for a while, even a long time, can pay off significantly. Throughout the years, we have come across many successful clients that had some of the most poorly executed branding that often left us shocked by their level of success.The people who ran the company were usually smart, the company was sound, and they got by on their knowledge of the industry. The big payout begins when these clients decide to take their business to the next level and start focusing on developing a brand.

First impressions are vital

Customers can make a decision about a company in the first few seconds of meeting them. Because your logo and name are frequently the first things a potential consumer sees, having a powerful logo and professional image that conveys the soul of your company is critical and sufficient to entice a potential customer.If you’re shopping online and come across a website that provides a product you’re looking for, but it has a shabby design and poor overall branding, it’s a red flag. Am I being taken advantage of? Is this business reputable, and who else can give this product or service? Consumers want a brand that makes them feel at ease and secure while making a purchase.People need to feel confident that the money they plan to invest is a smart investment, regardless of the industry. Whether it’s a business to consumer or a business to business, people need to feel confident that the money they plan to invest is a sound investment. Your potential targets will notice if your appearance is lacking in professionalism and polish right away, putting you behind the competition.Would we hire someone who showed up for an interview wearing damaged jeans and a t-shirt? Perhaps the design industry might welcome the casualness and chalk it up to “artistic expression,” but in most circumstances, this would be cause for concern. The same may be said for your company’s brand. Do you actually care about what you’re selling or representing if you appear like a jerk? These are some of the politeness’s concerns.

Why Rebrand

When is it important to rebrand? That question is complicated by a number of circumstances. Many large organisations undergo extensive rebranding initiatives to breathe new life into their old identities, and this usually occurs when their internal company or the business climate surrounding them undergoes a transformation that necessitates a shift in focus. It’s sometimes just an out-of-date brand image that’s lost its lustre.Many times, these rebranding efforts are necessary to appeal to a new generation or keep up with their competitors, but there are many risks associated with redesigning a logo that has built up equity over time, and if the launch of these is unsuccessful, the potential loss in revenue becomes enormous, so choosing the right partner is crucial.

But these are the kinds of risks and leaps of faith that businesses take every day. A makeover is something that everyone enjoys. Consider the numerous television series that feature home makeovers. What was once innovative and exciting has since grown stale and obsolete.What exactly do they do? Working with the foundation and space of the property, they may demolish it and start over, or gut the space and come up with new and innovative ways to improve the design and layout, instantly improving the value. This is the same idea that underpins your company’s brand.We are still working with the company’s core and ideals, but we are now showing you in a different light. You can tap into an established agency’s depth of expertise and deep grasp of strategy and design to start building a successful brand from the ground up.

So what makes a great logo?

Logos should be simple and unique

Is your logo symmetrical or balanced? Symbols that adhere to organisation, alignment, and symmetry appeal to us. In terms of their logos, some of today’s most successful brands, such as McDonalds, Nike, and Apple, the simplicity and structure are uncomplicated and easy to assimilate in one’s head, as well as adaptable enough to be used in any medium.While logos must be simple and have a solid foundation of shape and structure, they must also be unique, which is where the difficulty lies. How can we make something that is both basic and ageless while yet being truly unique? As a result, many logo projects require a long time to conceptualise, design, and polish.The finished mark may appear to be quite basic, striking the ideal mix of simplicity and distinctiveness, but it is the result of numerous hours of creative refinement, which often entails chipping away and removing as much as possible. A logo, on the other hand, is not your brand.A logo, on the other hand, is not your brand. Although these are two distinct things, a logo plays a significant role in providing a brand its identity and serves as a foundation upon which a brand can be constructed.

Be memorable

A logo should be able to convey a company’s message and vision. It is not necessary for logos to be literal representations of the product or service. While many businesses have a plethora of artistic possibilities to choose from when creating a design, this is not always the case. Abstract forms, shapes, and colour can be used to create a unique image that represents the company’s ideals.Some of the most memorable logos elicit a “aha” moment; the longer you stare at it, the more your brain analyses and deduces hidden meaning. The longer people stare at your logo, the more likely they are to remember your company, which can help you stand out from the competition.Great design and branding go viral these days, as more people interact with a product or service they like and forward or share it with their friends and coworkers. Dynamic design that is engaging and unique may spread among the public not just because it is creative and unique, but because it actually resonates with people in a way that other designs do not.

Inspire Brand Loyalty

A logo is the foundation of your brand; without one, your audience will be unable to recognise your business and you will be unable to distinguish yourself from your competition. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. It serves as a quick reminder of their interactions and experiences with that company.A well-designed logo, like a brain tattoo, is often the first thing people see, and a well-designed logo is enough to hook a potential customer and create a lasting impression.

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