PPC Management Packages

Grawlix Software specializes in offering unique and affordable PPC packages that will assist your business in getting quality traffic, qualified leads and sales.

Focusing exclusively on running PPC advertisements, our carefully designed approaches will hit the right people at the right time for ultimate profitability.

Using market data, competitors’ PPC advertising, and audience behavior, we can guarantee that your advertisements will generate good quality leads and potential for conversion.

  • Boost Brand Recognition.
  • Boost Your Sales.
  • Data Driven Compaign Management.
  • Complement SEO Efforts.
  • Regular Progress Reports.
  • Cost Effective.

Our Monthly PPC Management Packages

Order quality PPC solutions specially developed for large, mid-sized and small businesses to address their needs.

$ 300 /month
  • 1. Compaign Setup
  • 2. Compaign Management
  • 3. Compaign Measurement and Tracking
  • 4. Reporting and Support
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$ 650 /month
  • 1. Compaign Setup
  • 2. Compaign Management
  • 3. Compaign Measurement and Tracking
  • 4. Reporting and Support
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$ 999 /month
  • 1. Compaign Setup
  • 2. Compaign Management
  • 3. Compaign Measurement and Tracking
  • 4. Reporting and Support
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More about PPC Management Packages

PPC management packages are detailed service offerings that digital marketing agencies provide to businesses to ensure that they efficiently handle their PPC advertising ventures. These packages are used to ensure that individuals and firms receive the greatest value for their money in terms of paid search advertising. This action plan is perfect for anyone who wants to start a PPC advertising campaign, or those who already have one but are struggling to find success in the cut-throat world of Internet marketing.

Complete PPC Management Package Include

Our Services

One of the quickest ways to generate sales and conversion for your business is through running PPC campaigns. An all-inclusive package for PPC Management Package include:

Why Choose Us

Grawlix Software provides budget-friendly PPC packages in India with advanced activity trackers and advanced methods to optimize your ROIs with our campaigns focused on the particular area. Here are some justifications for picking one of our packages:


Targeted PPC Compaigns

Our PPC Pricing is a highly targeted campaigns, that allows targeted the right audience with demographic targeting.

Custom PPC Solutions

We develop customized PPC tactics to match your businesses one of a kind offering. So your campaigns .

Maximize ROI

We specialize in adding value to your return from investment (RoI) through vigilant campaign monitoring.

24/7 Customer Support

When you choose our packages, expert customer support your PPC campaigns.Our experts take strategy development.

Stories From Our Customers

We have successfully delivered the most trusted mobile and web app solutions across diverse business verticals. Look at our portfolio in detail.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Features of Premium PPC Management Packages

Grawlix offers a wide range of innovative PPC features that ensure continued growth for your brand. Our personalized PPC campaigns help you gain maximum visibility in your targeted audience. Here is a brief look at the smart features of our best PPC packages in India:

Features of Software Consulting Services

Leverage our expertise of software consulting services to develop a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological business transformation.

Custom Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Budget Management

Fraud Monitoring

Emotionally Targeted

Quality Score


The abbreviation PPC means “Pay-Per-Click.” PPC refers to an online advertising model where the advertiser only pays for the clicks that people make on the advertisement. Companies compete for opportunities to display their ads and when a user searches in the search engine using those keywords, the company’s ad shows up.

Benefits of hiring PPC advertising services include; Increased traffic, immediate results, and clear return on investment. It enables you to target your potential customers when they are most receptive and also enables you to set your budget as per your requirements.

PPC advertising can take time to yield results depending on the specific industry, but it is possible to start receiving traffic and results immediately when launching a campaign. However, the best performance and ROI might take a few weeks to months in testing your strategy and keywords

Yes, PPC can increase the traffic of the website up to a great extent. You get to advertise on specific keywords and your ad appears to users seeking the products or service you offer, thus getting traffic to your website.

PPC packages vary from $200 to $300 for basic PPC and can go up to $2000 for full PPC management. It depends on the industry, services offered by the business, business size, ads quantity and types, and other factors.

At Grawlix Software, we offer our clients custom affordable PPC management packages so that we charge you based on what you require from our services. This means that there are no any hidden costs or charges that would make our packages expensive.

Yes, with our PPC packages we provide detailed campaign tracking as well as reporting tools. These services make sure that clients are well informed. Also, reporting assists in the identification of trends that could be useful in enhancing the PPC endeavors in the future.

Grawlix Software maintains the privacy of the client as a top priority. This is why we enter into non-disclosure agreements to ensure the highest form of confidentiality especially when handling such sensitive information. The signing of an NDA is a way to demonstrates our willingness to provide our clients with a safe and trustworthy environment.

Our payment process is safe and eficient. To ensure secure and efficient payments are made by our esteemed clients, we incorporate state of the art security payment solutions.