What is included in website maintenance services?

When a website is finished and uploaded, there is always a huge sigh of relief, but do you really believe that it is finished forever? NO, just like your body, your house, your car, and even your website require routine care. Many people mistakenly believe that website maintenance mostly consists of correcting faults that appear after the site has been launched, but it fact includes much more. Maintenance includes updating the website’s visual branding, incorporating new systems and updates, and uploading new content. Your company’s website serves as the public face of your company, therefore it must reflect the ever changing environment in which it operates if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

In this article, we’ll go over what website maintenance is, why it’s crucial for web design companies and agencies, what services are included in the list of website maintenance, and how much it costs to maintain a website.

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What is Website Maintenance ?

The act of routinely checking your website for errors and making sure that everything is responsive and completely updated constitutes website maintenance. To keep the website current, safe, and dependable, you must perform this routinely. This promotes traffic growth while boosting your SEO and Google rankings.

Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, a person, or a little enterprise, you must keep your website updated. This makes it possible for you to engage and communicate with specific clients and potential visitors on your website while also averting serious problems.

  • Check to see if your website’s pages load quickly and error-free.
  • To ensure that the data on your website is secure, make a backup of it.
  • Make sure the plugins and applications on your website are current.
  • Check the functionality of each form to ensure it is accurate.
  • Remove spam comments from the posts and pages on your website.
  • Verify that none of the pages’ links are broken.
  • Look into and fix any 404 problems on your website.
  • Update your blog frequently to keep readers interested and coming back.
  • Keep control of their web hosting and make sure everything is functioning properly.

And this is only the weekly assessment. Reviewing your website’s speed, doing security checks, analysing website analytics, and editing any out-of-date blogs are all parts of monthly maintenance. You should also think about improving the visual appeal of your website and evaluating your current promotional efforts.

When it comes to website maintenance, it’s all about offering workload efficiencies to automate as many processes as feasible. It involves checking the backup status of your website and running it through its paces on several browsers to make sure it functions properly. The list of website maintenance services to be on the lookout for is provided below.

What are included in the Website Maintenance ?

We’ve already outlined the basics of what website maintenance includes. It’s time to go over the list of essential services that make up website maintenance.

1.Check for Vulnerabilities First

The basic goal of website upkeep should be security. Look for spam that may have gotten through your filters. Regular vulnerability scanning ensures that no attacks or takeovers are made against your website.

2. Fixes and Repairs

All of this has to do with mistakes, glitches, and broken links. Links both inside and outside the website should be examined. You can use a link checker to hunt for broken links that annoy users and lower your search engine rankings.

3. Testing for Browser Compatibility

Make sure that your website functions flawlessly on the most popular browsers. Additionally, your website needs to work with lesser-used browsers.

4. Update Software

Update the essential software that powers your website. As an illustration, consider the content management system’s themes and plugins. Upgrade non-critical software as well, if it is worthwhile.

5. Backups of websites

Weekly automatic database backups would be made, and they would be automatically restored at least once every six months.

6.Site speed

It is imperative that you examine this point. Use Google Pagespeed Insights or Yahoo’s YSlow to determine the problems that are causing your site to load slowly.

7. Search engine marketing (SEO)

With SEO, you can pinpoint the problems that are harming your site’s ranking.


Check your site’s crucial metrics and the trends in those crucial data using the Google Analytics interface.

9. Usefulness

Check that everything is operating as it should by filling out signatory forms, contact forms, checkout forms, and other critical activities.

10. Internet Resources

Users and search engines like websites with up-to-date material. As a result, periodically evaluate your content, fix any errors, and publish fresh material in a new style and with targeted language.

The fundamentals of website maintenance services are as follows. Based on its website, a company may explore it more, but it must not be disregarded. The basic foundation for a business’s success online is nurturing and maintain website or application. By eradicating errors, addressing security concerns, and providing the best user experience possible to the clients, maintenance actually ensures the website’s operation at its peak.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost ?

To maintain your website consistent and functional, maintenance is required. Numerous factors need to be taken into consideration, such as domain and storage prices, software updates often, and website design and marketing strategies.
Additionally, the platform and features you decide on when building a website affect its ongoing expenditures. Utilizing a content management system versus a website builder will have significantly different expenses.

Because they are necessary to maintain your website operational, domain name renewal, web hosting plan prices, and secure sockets layer (SSL) licence fees are all included in website maintenance costs. The costs of email accounts, specialised technical support, and eCommerce services are also included but vary depending on the type of website.

To enhance the functionality of the website and boost traffic, additional expenses like website design, plugins, and SEO are required. The requirements of your website will influence how much money you spend in each category. We’ll go over nine significant website maintenance costs to assist you in creating a budget.
Before choosing a site maintenance plan, make a list of your requirements and request quotations from several service providers. Look at the estimated expenses of website maintenance for various website kinds.


The following are the important website maintenance costs:

  • $10-$20 per year for a domain name.
  • SSL certificates are available for $0-$300 per month depends on website security , information and data.
  • Web hosting services range from $5 to $500.00 per month.
  • Email hosting costs between $1 and $25 per month depends on usage of email transactions in website flow.
  • $0-$1,000 per month for technical support.
  • $0-$800/month for search engine optimization.
  • Updates to the content – $0 – $3,000 in total.
  • $0-$400/month for general updates.

With all these steps in mind, you’re all prepared to keep up the good job!


Now that you are aware of the typical costs associated with website maintenance, you can make an acceptable budget. For example, a personal blog will require less SSL protection than an eCommerce store that accepts payments directly from customers, so keep that in mind as you calculate your costs. If you decide to use a website builder, your plan will include a lot of fundamental costs.


The industry standards that social media platforms, browsers, and other websites adhere to are constantly changing along with the internet itself. You may have heard, for instance, that SSL is a feature that search engines and browsers are increasingly requiring, and that not having it can affect how people view and locate your website. Although installing SSL on your website is not user-friendly, if done correctly, the labor can be covered by a recurring maintenance contract. SSL is a terrific addition to any website.

Offering website maintenance services is one of the best ways to increase your monthly income while also giving your current clientele something useful. Your sales will go up, and it will also help you keep your current clients interested. This will eventually help you grow. Although some initial investment might be necessary, as long as you keep the big picture in mind, you’ll be prosperous before you realise it.

We hope that this post has made it clear to you how crucial it is to incorporate website maintenance services into your website design process in order to maintain the long-term health of your website.

If you wish to update your current website or need a new one, get in touch with Grawlix. In addition to  website design and development, we can also help you with application maintenance and support, custom web development, and even more.

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