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Grawlix software is an award-winning marketing firm based in India that offers full-service digital marketing services designed to propel you forward. ROI enhancing, value proposition based digital marketing solutions help you acquire quality leads, customers and sales to your business.

  • Maximize Your Reach.
  • Targeted Marketing Compaigns.
  • Expert Content Marketing
  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Flexible Contracts.
  • Brand Awareness.
  • Cost Effective Solutions.
  • Monitoring and Reporting.

Our Monthly Digital Marketing Packages

At Grawlix, the prices for digital marketing services are very cheap while offering huge returns on investment.

$ 2499 /month
  • 1. Primary Review ans Analysis.
  • 2. On-Page Optimization
  • 3. Local Search Optimization
  • 4. Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • 5. Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Client Support
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$ 3499 /month
  • 1. Primary Review ans Analysis.
  • 2. On-Page Optimization
  • 3. Local Search Optimization
  • 4. Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • 5. Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Client Support
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$ 4999 /month
  • 1. Primary Review ans Analysis.
  • 2. On-Page Optimization
  • 3. Local Search Optimization
  • 4. Pay Per Click(PPC)
  • 5. Social Media Marketing
  • 6. Client Support
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More about Digital Marketing Packages

Digital marketing packages refers to the marketed aggregated services provided by marketing agencies to help clients markets their products or services over the internet or target specific audience with the aim of meeting their marketing objectives. These packages entail several different approaches and tools into the plan that will assure an efficient digital marketing strategy. Regardless of whether one is a new company, a medium or even a large corporation, there is a digital marketing package that can work for corporate use in today’s digital realms .

Complete Digital Marketing Package Include

Our Services

Digital marketing is a broad category of focused efforts catered to the particular requirements of your company as well as the competition in your sector. An all-inclusive package for digital marketing include:

Why Choose Us

Grawlix Software is India’s foremost digital marketing package provider, which offers affordable and effective services. Here are some reasons for choosing our digital marketing packages:

ROI Driven Approach

About digital marketing for us it is not only about visibility, it is about measurable results. Our packages are carefully crafted.

Custom Digital Marketing Solution

We understand that every business is different in the digital ecosystem. Thus, the proposed approach is based on customization.

Extensive Experience

We have many years of experience in digital marketing. We have repeatedly provided success.

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service typically necessary knowledge skills to respond to your inquiries in the most efficient manner possible.

Stories From Our Customers

We have successfully delivered the most trusted mobile and web app solutions across diverse business verticals. Look at our portfolio in detail.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

Features of Our Premium Digital Marketing Packages

Grawlix is the leading digital marketing services provider in India offering digital marketing packages with smart and innovative features. Here are some of the most prominent features that you get with our packages:

Features of Software Consulting Services

Leverage our expertise of software consulting services to develop a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological business transformation.

Hyper Personalization

Marketing Automation

Multichannel Marketing

Cross Device Tracking

Predictive Analytics

Marketing Intelligence


  1. A digital marketing package is a selection of Internet marketing services that are provided by marketing agencies or specialists. It usually involves specific services such as optimization for search engines, social media marketing, newsletters, paid ads, content development, and data analysis.

We have our packages of digital marketing and they as make sure that your website gets the visibility it needs online with specific plans and insights on how to make your business grow.


For this reason, when choosing your digital marketing package you should ensure that the services offered correlate with the goals and the amount of money you intend to spend. It should address your audience needs and have additional tools like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Integration, and Content Development. Take a closer look at our Indian proposal and choose the most suitable digital marketing option.

It is noteworthy that Grawlix Softawre company does not disclose any information concerning the projects implemented for the clients, and when signing agreements, our sides commonly sign NDAs.


Yes, we have a 100% secure payment process with help of, we are using the encryptions algorithms. These security measures make it easy for our clients to work with us since they are fully assured of their security.

Unlike the other companies in the SEO, Grawlix Software does not compel the clients to sign for a long-term digital marketing agreement. In regard to price type, we have indicated that all our packages are on a monthly basis.

Grawlix Software provides full control of all your accounts, and campaign data if you decide to discontinue the service. As for the privacy aspect, we ensure that there is no third-party interference regarding all the assets and information related to your project.

  1. Digital marketing package price depends with aspects like level of service, agency experience, geographical location, and industry competition, duration of the campaign, and level of customization. Knowledge on such aspects aids in planning for the relevant package costs.
  1. The answer to this question is that there is no specific answer to this particular question. Regarding the expenses, this would depend with the kind of competition that you have in the industry. If the level of rivalry in your domain is high, then you would be required to go for an aggressive strategy that can prove very costly. If you want to know which of our digital marketing packages fits your financial capacity, we encourage you to check out our cheap rates.

Our evaluation procedures consist of the standard performance reviews, tracking of KPIs and sending of reports via emails or the web-based executive summary depending on your preference.