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So, we thought we’d discuss some of the most recent developments in social media marketing, as well as what we can expect in the future.

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Starting with Instagram, let’s go through some of the most noteworthy social media changes from June.

Social Media News: Social Media Updates From June 2021

1. Instagram announces plan to prioritize video content.

TikTok and YouTube, it’s safe to say, are giving Instagram a run for its money.

Instagram’s response to TikTok’s soaring popularity will be full-screen recommended videos on your screens in the app.

Facebook’s Instagram head explained, saying:

“We’ll also be experimenting with how we might embrace video in a broader sense — full-screen, immersive, engaging, mobile-first video,” says the company.

In a video posted on Wednesday, Mosseri stated:

“Over the coming months, you’ll see us do a number of things, or try with a number of things in this space.”

In response to TikTok’s popularity, Instagram debuted Reels in August of last year, but even Mosseri admits that it wasn’t enough.

He stated, “

“Let’s face it, there’s pretty stiff competition out there right now. TikTok is massive, YouTube is even larger, and there are a slew of other upstarts.”

Instagram’s days as a photo-sharing app are numbered.

Will the modifications make Instagram more or less appealing to current and potential users?

And how will these changes to social media impact your small business?

We won’t know for sure until they arrive. But, when it comes to new features and app tests, here’s what we recommend to small enterprises.

When a new feature on a platform you use is released:

a. Spend some time learning about the feature and using it as if you were a user.

b. Pay attention to how others are utilising it, what they’re creating, and any discrepancies between that content and previous content.

c. Experiment with that feature by creating content and sharing it around the office or with people you can trust to give you honest feedback.

d. Don’t put all your eggs in the new basket if you decide to start using the feature (you don’t have to use everything a platform has to offer).

Don’t abandon the content that’s already working for you in favour of the new look.

For one thing, it’s possible that Instagram’s testing aren’t positive, and the feature is dropped or rolled back.

Users could not like the feature, and you don’t want to waste time creating it if that’s the case.

g. You can reuse whatever material you create for new features on different platforms and features.

For example, your IGTV video should be posted…

in your feed, in your Instagram Stories for small companies, in a Guide, and on other social media networks.

2. Facebook introduces Bulletin, a subscription-based newsletter service.
As a direct result of Substack’s popularity…

Facebook has launched Bulletin, a paid newsletter service for authors and other content creators (in Beta).

Bulletin has welcomed content creators and subject matter experts to contribute.

Some are free, while others require a paid subscription, and if the programme is successful, Facebook will explore expanding it to additional authors.

You might be able to use this in the future for your small business.

You have the option of using a free platform or paying for a subscription.

Then, with your most ardent supporters and consumers, share higher-quality material.

We’ll probably observe how users interact with the platform as it evolves.

And if this type of social media update is successful enough to be made available to everyone,

…and then we’ll write a post to show you how to incorporate it into your Facebook marketing plan.

3. Pinterest has earned the “TAG Brand Safety Certification.”
The Trustworthy Accountability Group has given Pinterest the brand safety certification (TAG).

TAG describes itself as a “global certifying body dedicated to combating illegal activity and ensuring brand safety in digital advertising.”

Pinterest has to meet four requirements in order to be considered for the award:

a. TAG’s Brand Safety Principles must be followed in all of its digital advertising deals.

b. According to their digital advertising agreements, 100% of monetizable transactions on the site are assessed using “inclusion and exclusion lists.”

b. To reduce the danger of ad misplacement, they must have comprehensive documentation of policies and processes.

Anything could be included in this:

  • staff,
  • instruments, and
  • technology

used to assess and flag content, to the processes and procedures used to identify inclusion and exclusion lists in order to ensure that content is brand-safe.

d. The brand employs a TAG compliance officer and participates in annual TAG training.

For firms that advertise on Pinterest, this is fantastic social media news (or who plan to advertise on the platform).

Because it indicates that Pinterest places a premium on brand and user security, users will be more likely to click and buy.

As a result, you can rest assured that your ads will not appear next to objectionable content.

TAG’s CEO, Mike Zaneis, stated:

Pinterest has proved its commitment to protecting its partners and users by adopting industry best practises against inappropriate ad placement and other brand safety concerns by earning TAG Brand Safety Certified designation.


In the world of social media, there are a lot of fascinating things happening.

This is just a sampling of the latest social media news and developments from some of the most popular social media networks.

So, let us know in the comments whether you’d like more of these posts!

And if you don’t want to fall behind your competition, have a look at our social media marketing services right now!

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