A large number of firms have been impacted by a “black swan occurrence” as of this writing. “An unanticipated incident that is beyond what is generally expected of a situation and has potentially devastating consequences,” according to the definition of a black swan.

By the time this is published, hopefully the fear that brought everything to a halt will have gone, and you, like the rest of us small company owners, will be able to adapt and adjust to the new reality of doing business remotely.People will see how amazing working from home can be for reducing overhead, expanding the workforce, and cementing employee loyalty, which I feel will become increasingly popular.

Many of our clients are schools and universities, and they have been having difficulty persuading senior instructors to accept remote learning. They are hopeful that this would assist them in appreciating the advantages.

My company, as I’ve already stated, brands, develops websites, and manages marketing for a variety of enterprises. What I like about this is that I get to witness what goes on behind the scenes of a lot of different firms. I watch what goes on behind the scenes of those who succeed and those who fail, and I recognise trends. This is, I believe, the aspect of my profession that I like the most, and it may be the most valuable service I provide to my clients.

We’ve devised a process dubbed “evolving branding” as a result of this. This entails examining a company and determining what we can do to have the greatest impact for the least amount of money.

So, in this time of crisis, I’d want to provide my two cents on what a company may do from a marketing and branding standpoint to survive this “black swan event.”

Here are three things that we’ve found make the most impact:

1. Make sure your value proposition is strong.

The most crucial aspect of this is to highlight what you do differently and better than your competitors. It takes a fraction of a second to explain but a lifetime to master. And you can be too close to your product or service to perceive it properly.They presumably considered a lot of possibilities before deciding on you; if you can figure out why, you’ll have a valuable piece of information that can help you persuade others to select you as well.

2. Make sure your website reflects your value proposition.

Make sure that everything of your messaging reflects what you do differently and better than your competitors, and that you put everything through that filter. “Big Brand and Fortune 500 experience put to work for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits,” is our value proposition. As a result, every word on our website reflects this and explains why it matters.

Then, and this is critical, find an incredible image for your banner. The goal of this image is to grab people’s attention and establish the excellence of your organisation, not to describe what you do. Spend your money here if you need to get an image — it will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

3. Lastly, get the word out.

Your website will be your clients’ first point of contact with your company. But it won’t help much if they don’t find it. In this current economic climate, I believe that all firms, large and small, are being prudent with their funds. This is crucial and important, but remember Henry Ford’s quote: “A guy who quits advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”So, don’t stop advertising, but come up with unique non-monetary ways to get the word out. During the Great Depression, even Henry Ford lowered his advertising budget, yet he was one of the few survivors because he still made sure people knew he existed.

A few helpful tips:

  • You’ll find listed sites if you Google what you’re looking for. Make contact with these individuals. Because Google is always tweaking its algorithm to prioritise relevant and authoritative content, the legitimate ones now appear first. Inquire about how to get featured and what it takes to reach the top. The majority of the time, you will find them to be surprisingly useful. They are as reliant on you as you are on them.
  • Try answering questions on Quora about your field of employment. This is a terrific approach to establish reputation, and we know a few companies who have had amazing success using it as their sole lead-generation funnel.
  • Consider the most common questions your consumers have and create blog posts on your website to address them. The relevance and authority of content are the most important factors that Google considers, thus writing relevant and authoritative information is the greatest approach to get found on Google.

“The average man will not genuinely perform a day’s labour unless he is caught and cannot get out of it,” says another Henry Ford quotation. There is plenty of work to be done if people are willing to put in the effort.” So, at this crazy moment, the best way to get back to work is to get back to work, and the best boss in the world is you. Isn’t this the reason you founded your company in the first place?

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